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Craig Couch

Craig Couch

Financial Advisor

This isn’t just a job. I truly believe it’s my calling. I enjoy solving problems for people. Seeing the stress melt away when I tell a client or a prospective client that I can help is really a great feeling.

I started my career in 2008, right after the start of the Great Recession or the Great Financial Crisis as it is often referred to now. The stock market was crashing, the housing market imploding and the economy tanking. I wanted to understand what was happening and why. I also wanted to help people protect what they had saved and be someone they could trust and look to for guidance.

After years of working for a brokerage firm and big banks, I decided to open my own practice. It had become very apparent to me that the interests of my clients and the interests of my employer were at opposite ends. My employer was more concerned with making money FROM my clients, not making money FOR my clients.

My clients trust me and expect me to help them grow their savings during the good times and protect them during the bad. They also want education, informed opinions, direction and guidance. They want to know that they’re making the best financial decisions not only for themselves but for their family as well. I firmly believe that this is a sacred relationship.

Being an independent Financial Advisor gives me the freedom to serve my clients in whatever way works best for them. As a business owner, as long as I always put my client’s best interests first, everything else will fall into place. Client satisfaction, not product sales is my only goal.

When I’m not in the office, I’m spending time with family. My wife and I have two boys. My oldest plays baseball and basketball and I coach his teams. My younger son plays the piano and enjoys fishing. When we’re not on the field or the court, we’re at a pond fishing, boating on Lake Erie or at Cedar Point.